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China denies iPhone ban for officials but notes security concerns

Sep 14, 2023

Beijing [China], September 14: The Chinese government said recent media reports that the country is considering a ban on the use of Apple's iPhones for high-ranking officials were untrue.
"China has not introduced any laws, regulations or documents containing measures banning the purchase or use of foreign smartphone brands such as Apple," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Wednesday.
Earlier, several outlets reported that the government was considering banning senior officials in certain ministries or certain employees in state-owned enterprises from using iPhones.
The news caused concern among Apple investors, as the world's second-largest economy is a major market for the US tech company.
But in refuting the reports, the ministry spokeswoman also noted that "many media outlets" had uncovered security vulnerabilities related to iPhone, she said without elaborating.
Beijing attaches great importance to information and internet security and treats domestic and foreign companies equally, Mao said, adding that all mobile phone companies operating in the People's Republic of China must abide by the applicable laws.
Source: Qatar Tribune