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Pubs reopen in England after 3-month lockdown

Jul 05, 2020

London (UK), July 5: Pubs have reopened in England with strict social distancing rules after three months of coronavirus lockdown.
Britain shut down pubs, which are traditionally part of the British lifestyle, in late March amid the spread of the coronavirus.
People began to appear at a pub on the outskirts of London shortly after noon on Saturday, drinking beer and chatting with friends.
Inside the pub, people are allowed to move only along one-way paths and drink at tables placed one meter apart. They need to place orders with an online ordering system.
Customers also need to register their phone numbers and other private information to be traced should the virus be detected within the establishment.
Pubs and restaurants in Leicester, central Britain, will remain closed longer than initially planned as coronavirus infections are surging again.
Chief Executive of the Beer and Pub Association Emma McClarkin said pub owners are working together to make sure that they are keeping their staff and customers safe, but that they are also saving the institution as businesses and jobs in the United Kingdom.
Source: NHK World