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Suspected 'spying' for China in British parliament says he is innocent

Sep 12, 2023

Beijing [China], September 12: A researcher working in the British parliament has denied reports that he is a spy for China. This person said that he was "completely innocent" of the above accusations.
According to Reuters, the researcher's lawyers issued a statement on his behalf on September 11, but did not identify him.
"I feel compelled to respond to the media's accusations that I am a ' Chinese spy ,'" the lawyer quoted this person as saying. The spokesman emphasized: "I am completely innocent... I have devoted my career to helping people recognize the challenges and threats" coming from China.
The above statements were made after London police said on September 10 that they had arrested two men in March on suspicion of committing offenses under section I of the Official Secrets Act 1911. This law punishing offenses deemed "prejudicial to the safety or interests of the state". The Sunday Times reported that one of them is a parliamentary researcher.
Police said the two suspects were released on bail until early October. The second person has not commented publicly.
This incident emerged in the context that Britain and China are hoping to restore relations after a series of tensions in many areas.
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he had raised "very strong concerns about any interference in our parliamentary democracy" during his meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang at the Group summit . Top 20 economies (G20) on September 10.
The Chinese Embassy in the UK said the allegations were fabricated. "The so-called claim that China is suspected of 'stealing British intelligence information ' is a complete fabrication and malicious slander," the embassy emphasized.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper