Activists stage protest against human rights violations by Pakistan in Geneva

Mar 12, 2019

Geneva (Switzerland), Mar 12 (ANI): Activists from Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa staged protest during the 40th Session of United Nations Human Rights Council. They asked UN to help save them from human rights violations by Pakistani security agencies and spy agencies. Lakhu Luhana, secretary general of World Sindhi Congress said, “The darkness has dissented on my motherland. The human rights violations are unprecedented and with all the struggle of Sindhi people, they are not stopping. They are not stopping the enforced disappearances, they are not stopping the extrajudicial killings of Sindhi people, they are not stopping the violence against religious minorities, they are not stopping the abduction of Sindhi Hindu girls, they are not stopping taking away my resources, they are leaving our people to die and that’s the reason we have protested.” Another political activist from United Kashmir People's National Party, Nasir Azir Khan, said, “Pakistan says that it is taking action against extremists groups but practically it isn't doing anything. They're mushrooming the extremist groups, youth are brainwashed and sent to Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iran for holy war or so-called jihad.”