VLAM delegation in India

Belgian Meat Office Celebrates 'The Art of European Pork' Campaign in India

Sep 20, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 20: Belgian pork suppliers, esteemed leaders in supplying premium pork to India, proudly reaffirms their status as premier suppliers of pork in India. The Belgian Meat Office's unwavering commitment to the Indian market is reflected in its latest endeavour, the execution of the 'The Art of European Pork' campaign, which signifies the initiation of an ambitious three-year program. 
This year marked a significant milestone as Belgian Meat Office embarked on a journey to deepen its roots in India by hosting a series of events and activities. These efforts are a testament to Belgian Meat Office's pride in being India's number one pork suppliers and its sincere dedication to investing in this dynamic market.
Commenting on this occasion, Joris Coenen, Marketing Officer, VLAM, said, "We are immensely proud of our role as the leading suppliers of premium pork in India, and our recent campaign, 'The Art of European Pork,' is a testament to our commitment to this vibrant market. As we conclude a successful year of engaging events and initiatives, we remain deeply excited about the endless opportunities that India has to offer.“
The campaign's inaugural year witnessed an array of compelling initiatives:
1. B2B Sessions (Trade Missions): Belgian Meat Office organised two strategic B2B sessions, facilitating profound interactions with local meat processing companies. These sessions laid the foundation for valuable connections and provided essential insights into India's evolving culinary landscape.
2. Networking Events in Delhi and Mumbai: Two vibrant networking events, one in each city of Delhi and Mumbai, brought together industry leaders, influencers, and culinary enthusiasts to celebrate the culinary excellence of European pork.
3. Round Table Discussion in New Delhi: An enlightening roundtable discussion held in New Delhi fostered thought-provoking conversations about the significance of premium pork in Indian cuisine and the global food industry.
4. Market Exploration in Mumbai: Belgian Meat Office's visit to the bustling port in Mumbai offered invaluable insights into local market dynamics, reaffirming Belgium's commitment to India.
5. Exploration of Meat Processing Companies: Belgian Meat representatives embarked on insightful tours of meat processing companies in both Delhi and Mumbai, fostering deeper collaborations and a profound understanding of the Indian meat industry.
Belgium Pork's reputation as the preferred choice for premium pork products in India is a testament to its enduring dedication to quality, food safety, and service to their customers. Belgian pork slaughterhouses and cutting plants consistently deliver products that are celebrated by consumers across India and around the world.
'The Art of European Pork' campaign underscores Belgian pork suppliers’ profound commitment to India and its determination to remain the number one supplier of premium pork in this dynamic market. As the campaign concludes its first year, Belgian Meat Office looks forward to the continued partnership between Belgium and India, as together, we celebrate the artistry of European pork.
Belgian Meat Office is the first port of call when getting in touch with the Belgian pork suppliers. The meat export office was founded in 2003 under the umbrella of the VLAM, Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board, and it coordinates the promotion of pork abroad. On the one hand by offering export support and on the other through B2B promotion.
Belgium is a pork specialist in Europe and plays a leading role in the European meat production sector. Belgium pork companies understands that product and process are key in supplying tailor-made quality meat, and supplies pork to more than 60 destinations across the globe. Belgium is a pioneer in the field of food safety for pork in Europe, and it ensures so from animal feed to point of sale.
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