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Bengal's New Direction: ENT HOUSE OTT Launches with Suranjan's First Triumph, Slaying Guest

Sep 15, 2023

SRV Media
New Delhi [India], September 15: ENT HOUSE OTT, the latest addition to Bengal's entertainment landscape, is set to make a significant mark with its inaugural web series, "Slaying Guest". Directed by Suranjan Das, the series promises a fresh narrative, steering clear of clichés, and delves into the complexities of friendship - a narrative pivotal for AK Films and Production, and the visionary Keshav Ganeriwala behind ENT House.
Reflecting on the motivation behind ENT House OTT, Keshav Ganeriwala from ENT House shared, "Having spent an extended period in the theater, I've witnessed numerous talented actors who, due to lack of opportunities, may not step into the industry or are deterred by the intricacies of politics." It is precisely for these passionate individuals that the ENT House OTT platform was conceived - a space where dreams can be pursued independently. The final moniker for the platform is still awaiting the creator's endorsement.
Presently, "Slaying Guest" leads the way as the inaugural web series on ENT House. If all goes according to plan, viewers may be treated to the series even before Pujo. The ensemble cast includes Pamela Kanjilal, renowned for her recent series "Mon Dite Chai," along with Pallav Chakraborty (popular as "Tintu" from "Jagaddhatri"), Mausam Sarkar, Pramith Ganguly, Shyamshree Ganguly, Ashish Banerjee, and the director himself, Suranjan Das. The series is brought to life through the creative vision of Olivia Banerjee, while the cinematography, especially for Pramith's scenes, is meticulously executed by Tanmay Biswas and Bhaskar Sarkar.

Director Suranjan Das attests to the pivotal role played by Pramith Ganguly in the project, where his contributions extended beyond acting to encompass the entire editing process, infusing the project with depth. Pramith's commitment to the series is palpable - it serves as an educational journey for both the audience and the creators. Yet, the most rewarding aspect for the director was uncovering Pramith's latent performing prowess. His commitment extends beyond acting alone. This film, in essence, showcases a true gem in the industry.
The evocative song "Porosh Pathor" has already been unveiled on the YouTube platform, penned by the director himself and performed by Pramith. The ENT House slate is brimming with more exciting projects, including Sumiran Banerjee's "The Hills Saw It Coming," Rishikesh Mukhopadhyay's "Barm," and Suranjan Das's "Ayna Bari," among others. Speculations are rife about a significant collaboration between Suranjan Das and Pramith Ganguly, revolving around a prominent Bengali theme, though no official statements have been released.
The auspicious Pujo celebration at ENT House is slated for September 19th, coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi. However, this is just the beginning. The grand festivities are scheduled to unfold over the coming weeks. The specifics of the day's events are yet to be revealed by the creator.
This marks a new chapter for Bengal's "Independent Artists" - a platform for fresh narratives to emerge. Keshav Ganeriwala harbors ambitious dreams, and now it's time to witness where this trajectory will lead the industry in the near future.
For more information, watch the "Slaying Guest" Trailer and explore the ENT House OTT platform on the Play Store:

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