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Blocking the highway, 2,400 environmental activists were detained in the Netherlands

Sep 10, 2023

Nieuwegein [Netherlands], September 10: About 2,400 people were detained after environmental protesters blocked a key highway in the Netherlands.
Reuters reported on September 10 that police used water cannons to disperse environmental activists protesting on a highway in the Netherlands and detained about 2,400 people.
More than 10,000 people marched along the A12 motorway leading to The Hague, despite warnings from authorities not to block the vital route to the government headquarters city.
The Extinction Rebellion group that organized the protest said they will continue to protest until the Dutch government stops spending budget subsidies on the oil and gas sector .
A recent report detailing 37.5 billion euros in subsidies in the above sector in the Netherlands, including the maritime sector, has led to calls from environmental activists.
Besides Extinction Rebellion, protesters from Greenpeace and other organizations broke through police barriers on the morning of September 9 (local time) and sat on the main road leading to The Hague, towards the temporary headquarters of the lower house.
They threatened to stay until the above subsidies were lifted, and declared that they would return here every day if they were dispersed by the police, according to ABC News.
Protesters held signs opposing fossil fuels, warning of extreme temperatures around the world this summer as a sign of the future impact of not abandoning fossil fuels
The Netherlands is often considered one of the leaders in renewable energy and progressive climate policy. Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten admitted that the country must end subsidies to the fossil fuel sector, but did not provide a specific roadmap.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper