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Canada's Quebec reports record 9,397 new COVID-19 cases

Dec 24, 2021

Ottawa (Canada), December 24: Canada's Quebec province once again recorded the highest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases with 9,397 new cases confirmed on Thursday.
Ontario, Canada's most populous province with a population of 14 million, reported 5,790 new COVID-19 cases Thursday morning, breaking a record for the highest number of new cases reported in a day.
The two most populous provinces in Canada each shattered their previous COVID-19 case counts on Thursday.
Combining the two provinces' new cases, Canada confirmed 15,187 new cases Thursday morning, setting a new record for daily cases since the COVID-19 outbreak in February 2020.
On Wednesday, Canada reported a new record for daily cases of 14,934 new COVID-19 cases.
Quebec, with a population of 8.4 million, said that of Thursday's 9,397 new cases, 5,242 were unvaccinated, 238 had their first dose, and 3,917 had their second dose.
There are now 41,807 active cases in the province, up by 7,646 from the day before.
Just in a couple of weeks, the Omicron variant has become the dominant variant in Quebec, which identified 251 more Omicron cases Thursday morning.
As of Thursday, 7,250,455 first doses have been administered, covering 89 percent of the population aged 5 and older. For second doses, coverage is at 81 percent with 6,651,802 doses.
Source: Xinhua