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China exposed employees spying for British intelligence

Jun 04, 2024

London [UK], June 4: British intelligence facilitated Mr. Wang's application to study in the UK in 2015 under the exchange program. In the UK, Mr. Wang was invited to many parties and participated in trips so that MI6 could understand his interests and weaknesses, according to AFP.
When discovering that Mr. Wang "loves money", MI6 invited him to accept a position as a consultant with high remuneration. After that, he was recruited to work for the British government , participated in spy training and returned to China to gather intelligence. British intelligence also used Mr. Wang to recruit Ms. Chu to work for an important part of the Chinese government, with the promise of double compensation.
After a thorough investigation and accurate evidence, the MSS detained and interrogated the couple, thereby discovering the identity of these two people as MI6 agents. The Chinese side said Mr. Wang worked in a position with access to important confidential information. The incident is still under investigation. British officials did not immediately comment on China's accusations.
A German politician's assistant was arrested, suspected of spying for China
For months, Britain and China have accused each other of espionage activities that threaten national security. In January, MSS revealed a case accusing MI6 of using foreign agents to collect classified information in China. In April, London charged two people with providing sensitive British information to Beijing, according to Reuters.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper