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China makes new moves in the East Sea, the Philippines responds

Jun 22, 2024

Manila [Philippines], June 22: The spokesperson said the Philippines has applied standard responses to cases like this.
Analysts say that the appearance of four Chinese navy ships on June 19 and Beijing's deployment of other ships to the East Sea shows that China is preparing to step up clashes at sea, thereby probing attitude of the Philippines and its allies, according to the South China Morning Post on June 22.
Specifically, security analyst Chester Cabalza, President of the International Security and Development Cooperation Organization (headquarters in Manila, Philippines), commented that recent developments have involved warships and ships. China's amphibious assault shows that China is planning to increase confrontation in the East Sea.
In particular, amphibious assault ships can be used for coordinated attacks between the Chinese navy, coast guard and the country's maritime militia, with the goal of escalating maritime disputes.
In a related development, the Philippines said it has not considered activating the mutual defense treaty with the US after Manila accused China of interfering with a supply mission for soldiers stationed at the outpost of the BRP landing ship wreck. Sierra Madre in Second Thomas Bank.
On June 21, Reuters quoted Mr. Lucas Bersamin, Chairman of the Philippine National Maritime Council, commenting that the above encounter was probably just "a misunderstanding, or an unwanted accident".
"We have not classified the above collision as an armed attack," Mr. Bersamin said.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper