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France ordered to stop selling iPhone 12 because the radiation was too high

Sep 13, 2023

Paris [France], September 13: On September 12, France asked Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12 in the country because the phone line is said to emit electromagnetic radiation that is too high for permissible levels, and also forced Apple to repair devices sold in the country.
ANFR, the French radio frequency management agency, said test results found that the iPhone 12 series emitted an amount of electromagnetic radiation that exceeded the allowable limit for humans.
Therefore, ANFR ordered Apple to immediately remove the iPhone 12 from the French market from September 12 on the grounds that this phone line emits an amount of radiation that exceeds the threshold the human body can receive, according to AFP on September 13.
According to the French agency, reputable laboratories have discovered that iPhone 12 users' bodies must absorb up to 5.74 watts/kg of electromagnetic energy when they hold the phone in their hands or keep it in their pockets. The standard level in Europe is 4 watts/kg.
"Regarding sold phones, Apple must, in the shortest possible time and without delay, take adjustment measures to make the phones compatible with usage standards," according to a notice on ANFR's website.
"Otherwise, Apple will have to recall all iPhone 12 devices sold," ANFR stated.
ANFR also notes that tests measuring the absorption of electromagnetic radiation at a distance of 5 cm still comply with the limit of 2 watts/kg.
From September 13, France conducted checks to ensure that the iPhone 12 series was no longer ordered in the country.
However, Apple responded in a statement that it is in compliance with the device's radiation limits and will continue to work with ANFR to demonstrate that.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper