Mohit Ramani, CEO and Co-Founder, ExpoSim

How ExpoSim is powering hybrid events in Metaverses

Jul 25, 2022

New Delhi [India], July 25 (ANI/YourPressBuddy): Harshvardhan, a recent graduate from an Engineering college based in Muzaffarpur, is set to start his dream job as a developer at a promising tech startup in Bengaluru. For Harshvardhan, a virtual job fair organised by Nasscom (hosted on
) weaved magic. In the offline world, landing such a job would require the likes of Harshvardhan to travel down and camp at the job hubs for days (and sometimes months).
While the pandemic has caused a fair share of agony for the world, it has also left us with significant behavioral changes. We are no longer foreign to the concept of remote work, online education, or virtual events. The new normal in the post-pandemic world will undoubtedly continue to witness a hybrid of the old and the new order.
Daler Mahendi's concert on, the Ariana Grande Concert on the fortnight, and the Australian Open hosted on Decentraland is the beginning of something spectacular that we are set to witness.
"It's not just about games and music concerts. There are numerous kinds of virtual events that are being organized today. Virtual Conferences, Virtual Expos, and Virtual job fairs are some examples," says Mohit Ramani, the founder of ExpoSim, a company at the center of the virtual event revolution.
ExpoSim is possibly the world's most advanced virtual event creation platform that is Metaverse ready and allows users to create their own virtual event in less than 20 minutes without any coding knowledge. Founded by Mohit Ramani and Vikas Kapadiya, ExpoSim has already hosted 200+ events that showcased 1500+ exhibitors and witnessed a cumulative attendance of over 150K. The company's vision is to power a million events that host a billion attendees by 2028. Considering that researchers peg the market size of the global virtual events market to hit $657 B by 2030, the vision seems pretty much in range.
There is another underlying technological trend providing tailwinds when we talk about virtual events. It is firmly believed that the future of the internet will be the Metaverse - where experience will be delivered through AR and VR devices, along with the usual phones and PCs. Most leading tech companies are investing heavily in building for the Metaverse. Within the Metaverse, virtual events are an untapped market worth USD 94 Billion!

"We have already worked with industry giants like NASSCOM, NIIT, and PHDCCI. While we initially built our product for a 100 per cent virtual experience, we quickly pivoted to today's version, allowing event organizers to seamlessly blend their offline and online events. It's hybrid in the real sense," adds Mohit, who started making games at the age of 13. "Most importantly, we have gamified the user experience to the extent that event designers just need to worry about the look and feel of the event - while we do the heavy lifting. We believe a platform like ExpoSim would help more organizers gain traction with virtual events without investing in expensive tech."
To date, the largest event, hosted on ExpoSim, was a job fair organized by Nasscom. The event had an attendance of over 18,000+. As per Jyotsna Minocha, Program Head-FutureSkill at NASSCOM, "We orchestrated India's largest virtual career fair in April 2022 with ~ 32000 candidate registrations and 100+ Employer participation.
We are glad to have chosen ExpoSim as a partner as our user experience was phenomenal. Our team of volunteers were able to manage and monitor the entire event virtually backed by a very responsive technical team. Post-event survey results indicated an NPS score of 9 where 90% employers found the experience valuable."
As per Rohizam Yousuf, President, Digital Travel Technology Association of Malaysia, "We partnered with many technology companies to find the best solution that can integrate with our e-platform and working with ExpoSim on the 3D Virtual design was an amazing experience with excellent customer service."
"ExpoSim is the best virtual exhibition software platform out there. From concept to event day, we were able to go live in just 6 days and received a wonderful response from our exhibitors. It's a platform that's available right now and is ready to use," rounds up a visibly satisfied Anuj Guglani from World Auto Forum.
Launched in late 2020, ExpoSim has hit INR 10M revenue in the financial year 2020-21. In an era when startup growth is mainly about feverishly raising capital and then spending to acquire customers - what's remarkable is that ExpoSim has managed so far without any VC money or marketing spend!
So what's next for ExpoSim?
"We have done some great work already. We want to partner with more event organisers across the world. We are also on the lookout to raise investment- this will help us scale our product to the next level," sums up Mohit Ramani
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