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Hurricane Lee is dangerously strong and approaching the east coast of the US

Sep 11, 2023

Washington [US], September 11: Hurricane Lee has regained strength as it moves further west-northwest in the Atlantic and is expected to bring dangerous storm surges to the east coast of the United States in the next few days.
Reuters on September 11 quoted a warning from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) saying that the impact of Typhoon Lee could start from the evening of September 10 (local time) until at least the next few days.
The storm is located 455 km northeast of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea and could move north of Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and other archipelagos.
Currently, the storm is having winds of 195 km/h. It has strengthened again into a level 3 storm after weakening to level 2 on September 10. NHC predicts that Typhoon Lee may become even stronger on September 11 or in the coming days.
The weather service said dangerous swells and rip currents had begun to affect many islands in the Caribbean and the southeastern US coast. The situation could worsen and expand northward in the coming days.
AP quoted meteorological experts as saying that Typhoon Lee is rewriting meteorological rules as it develops unpredictably. Ms. Marshall Shepherd, Director of the Atmospheric Science Program at the University of Georgia (USA), said the warmth of the oceans is a catalyst for stronger storms.
Mr. Mike Brennan, Director of NHC, warned that Typhoon Lee would definitely cause a lot of big waves and since September 8, his agency has been analyzing 12-15 m high waves created offshore by Typhoon Lee. "The highest waves could even be double that level. We will likely notice waves of 24-27 meters associated with Storm Lee," Mr. Brennan said.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper