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Leader Kim Jong-un's sister issued a strong statement to the US

Nov 30, 2023

Seoul [South Korea], November 30: Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, criticized the US for being "two-faced" when proposing negotiations while increasing military activities in the region, according to KCNA News Agency.
According to KCNA today, November 30, Mrs. Kim said that the US had shown "extreme double standards" at this week's meeting of the United Nations Security Council about North Korea's November 21 spy satellite launch . The meeting set the stage for a rare public argument between US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield and North Korean Ambassador Kim Song. Both said that their country's military activities were for defensive purposes only, according to Reuters.
Ms. Kim said that Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield emphasized efforts to reopen negotiations with North Korea even though she lacked a "legitimate basis" for not recognizing North Korea's sovereign rights to space development. .
Ms. Kim also said that Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield could not "give a more reasonable reason to explain why the US supports "diplomatic contact" and its "resumption of dialogue" efforts in while conducting provocative military activities by US nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines deployed to the Korean peninsula."
"We made it clear once again to the US that they have asked the DPRK to set a time and agenda for resuming North Korea-US dialogue... The sovereignty of an independent country can never be is a topic on the agenda for negotiation, and therefore, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea will never argue with the US for that purpose," Ms. Kim declared, according to KCNA.
Ms. Kim also asserted that it was the US's "double standards" and "arbitrary acts", not North Korea's space program, that damaged peace and stability in the region.
The United States and South Korea condemned North Korea's satellite launch on the evening of November 21 as a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions banning Pyongyang from using any ballistic technology, according to Reuters.
Also according to KCNA, leader Kim Jong-un examined photos taken by North Korean reconnaissance satellites of the US naval base in San Diego city (USA) and Kadena air base in Japan.
Pyongyang has claimed the spy satellite was designed to monitor US and South Korean military activities, and that the satellite has photographed US military bases around the world, as well as the White House and the Pentagon. Pentagon.
However, North Korean media has so far not released any images taken by spy satellites, sparking debate among officials and analysts in South Korea and the United States about the actual possibility. of that satellite.
Meanwhile, South Korea initially planned to launch its first spy satellite on a US Falcon 9 rocket on November 30, but the plan was postponed due to weather, according to Reuters.
In a separate commentary, KCNA accused South Korea of ​​increasing "provocative moves of war" through joint exercises with the US military, including the participation of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson .
There is currently no information on the reaction of the US and South Korea to new statements and accusations from North Korea.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper