LootMogul Growth Report post CSA & DSG Partnership

LootMogul is spearheading the advancement of sports digitization in affluent sports markets such as India and South Africa

Feb 22, 2024

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 22: The LootMogul team is thrilled to unveil the outcomes of their partnership with Cricket South Africa and the Durban Super Giants. This collaboration underscores the growing embrace of sports digitization within vibrant sports markets such as India and South Africa.
"South Africa's sporting heritage and passionate fan base have contributed to the market's growth. With strong traditions in rugby, cricket, and soccer, sporting events in South Africa attract large crowds and generate significant revenue and partnership opportunities for domestic and global brands. If you're looking to tap into a market with a rich history and a loyal following, South Africa's sports industry is a great place to start," said Kuntal Sampat, COO and Co-founder at LootMogul.
"In December 2023, the LootMogul team and I embarked on a thrilling month-long journey to South Africa to witness the highly anticipated India vs SA Cricket Series. Throughout my travels, I immersed myself in the dynamic atmosphere of vibrant cities, connecting with teams, players, and fervent fans who exuded an unparalleled passion for the sport. In South Africa, cricket holds a prominent position alongside Rugby and Soccer, captivating a rapidly expanding youth demographic with an impressive contingent of dedicated female supporters. This experience highlighted the promising trajectory of the sports industry, indicating significant potential for future business opportunities," said Vibhu Srivastava, Digital Marketing Head at LootMogul.
Since January 2024, this partnership alone has generated the following results:
* Platform Visits
* 4.05 Million visits
* Average New Monthly Gaming Users
* 48,177 users (183.88% MoM growth)
* Average Monthly Games Played
* 82,963 (242.51% MoM growth); 6 mins per session
* Users Age Group18-24 years: 41.60%
* 25-34 years: 28.68%
* 35-44 years: 16.74%
* 45+ years: 12.99%
* Gender
* Male: 59%
* Female: 41%
* Users Location
* India: 56.92%
* South Africa: 42.33%
* RoW: 0.75%
LootMogul expresses its gratitude to its fans, players, and partners whose unwavering support and collaboration continue to drive the success of this immersive journey.
LootMogul is revolutionizing the sports experience through pioneering technologies driven by blockchain and artificial intelligence, redefining the way we engage with sports.
To continuously enhance fan engagement and experience inside and outside sports venues, LootMogul introduced the following new touchpoints:
* Transforming physical stadiums into S.M.A.R.T. stadiums
* Develop and publish short-format sports games
* Physical-digital sports memorabilia
* In-stadium engagement
* Consumer Marketplace
* Engagement, meet & greet with ambassadors (players)
These innovations create new revenue streams for fans, players, and brands. In addition, this digitization of real-world sports offers new opportunities for sports enthusiasts, transforming the way we enjoy and experience sporting events.
About LootMogul
LootMogul is an athlete and teams-led (ambassadors) sports technology platform that leverages existing real-world assets such as teams, players, stadiums, brands, etc., and digitizes them through digital twin stadiums in the virtual world, blockchain mini-games, regenerative AI, and e-commerce shops.
LootMogul is the official metaverse and gaming partner for Cricket South Africa and Durban Super Giants.
LootMogul has created a unique platform that offers athletes and sports brands tools for engaging with fans simply and transparently. Their Web 2.5 approach to onboarding sports fans into Web 3.0 and the metaverse economy is a key differentiator.
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