Meishe releases Web Editor Version 3.0, Integrates AIGC digital human content production

Meishe releases Web Editor Version 3.0, Integrates AIGC digital human content production

Mar 23, 2023

Beijing [China], March 23 (ANI/PRNewswire): Recently, Meishe Co., Ltd. released Web Editor version 3.0, with three major upgrades aimed at improving production efficiency, displaying strength in the production of digital human content, supporting local-cloud mix editing, etc.
It is a web video production platform that combines video editing, packaging, and special effects compositing. Through private deployment, enterprises can build their own video production platforms, and users can create professional videos online.
With the development of metaverse technology and the digitalization of industries, the application scenarios for AI are becoming increasingly varied. Digital humans who are capable of producing content will have an advantage in the future.
In Web Editor version 3.0, Meishe R&D team has integrated digital human video creation capabilities and adopted a templated packaging method. This has helped lower the threshold for content creation. Users can quickly get started and create digital human videos just by using the material library provided by the platform.
The platform is built with rich content components, which can set details such as image, emotion, scene, action and even tone of digital human. According to the needs of the scenes, it can be used for corporate promotion, news broadcast, customer service, etc., to achieve continuous traffic exposure while reducing the labor cost.
In the process of exploring a more efficient video content production path, Meishe has created the local-cloud mix editing model. It is based on video slicing and streaming technology. Under the C/S architecture, the local video can be edited without uploading to the cloud server, which greatly saves the time of clip upload and further simplifies the operation process.
Lottie is a lightweight animation format that can be exported from Adobe After Effects as a JSON file. Compared to GIF and PNG, Lottie has a smaller size. After designing animations with AE, designers can export to JSON and use them directly on iOS, Android, Web and React Native. Lottie has obvious advantages. It has excellent cross-platform features and good compatibility, and can be used on multiple ends.
Meishe Web Editor Version 3.0 supports importing Lottie. Users can easily reuse dynamic effects designed in AE on the platform, thus greatly reducing the duplication of work, improving the efficiency of creation, and achieving a richer dynamic effect design.
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