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Mr. Trump's election campaign, the Republican Party 'bumpered' in May

Jun 04, 2024

New York [USA], June 4: The above amount is nearly double that of April, thanks to a wave of support after former President Trump was convicted at a criminal trial in New York, according to Reuters on June 4.
Of which, $53 million was raised within 24 hours since the jury officially convicted Mr. Trump on May 30.
According to statistics from the RNC and Mr. Trump's campaign, they received more than 2 million donations with each amount averaging 70.27 USD. A quarter of donors in May were also first-time campaign contributors in the 2024 US election season .
The fundraising amount remains unrecognized until the figures are submitted to the US Federal Election Commission and confirmed.
How will the historic verdict affect Mr. Trump during the election?
Mr. Trump's campaign and the RNC also announced that the May donations showed that supporters had "saw through" the New York trial , and that the conviction had angered Americans.
Until the past few months, President Joe Biden's re-election campaign regularly surpassed his opponent's campaign in terms of campaign dollars donated by donors.
It was only in April that Mr. Trump's campaign for the first time in this year's election cycle surpassed it, earning $76 million within a month.
President Biden's re-election campaign has not yet announced the amount of money raised in May.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper