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New match pair Australia - Philippines

Sep 11, 2023

Manila [Philippines], September 11: On the recent visit to the Philippines, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. agreed to upgrade bilateral relations to strategic partnership.
One of the contents that the two sides attach top importance to in the new level of cooperation is strongly strengthening cooperation in political security, military and defense. A few days earlier, the Philippines and Australia conducted their first joint naval exercises in the East Sea region.
This step by Manila and Canberra not only opens a new era of bilateral cooperation, but also has a very special meaning and impact on the region, as well as the development of relations between the Philippines and Australia with China . Quoc.
Although there have been some sporadic signs of detente, the relationship between Canberra and Beijing is still fundamentally difficult. Manila and Beijing have recently been at odds over the East Sea situation.
Upgrading bilateral cooperation like that, Australia and the Philippines not only strongly promote existing bilateral cooperative relationships and expand the scope of cooperation, but also intentionally strengthen coordination to deal with emerging challenges. challenges and threats to public and private security. Both have done the same with the US and Japan. Both want to build a new pair of power and influence in all areas of the region.
The strategic partnership between Manila and Canberra complements the network of partnerships and strategic partnerships that each country has built in the Indo- Pacific region , promoting a four-way cooperative framework. between them and the US and Japan, especially in terms of security politics in this region.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper