Ravi Agarwal's Dream for Cellecor Gadgets Comes Alive with IPO Launch

Ravi Agarwal's Dream for Cellecor Gadgets Comes Alive with IPO Launch

Sep 15, 2023

New Delhi [India], September 15: In a groundbreaking moment driven by visionary entrepreneur Ravi Agarwal,
is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter as it announces its eagerly awaited Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO, slated to open for bidding on Friday, September 15, 2023, and close on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, marks the culmination of Agarwal's dream to redefine the consumer electronics landscape. Cellecor Gadgets is set to offer its shares at an appealing fixed price band of Rs 87-92 per equity share.
An idea was born in 2012 for Ravi Agarwal, who started trading products for other brands in India. With the dream of having his own company one day, he created his own sole proprietorship and launched his brand, Cellecor, in 2017. And the day was not very far away for him to reach his greatest milestone till now, i.e., to have his own IPO listed.
Presently, Cellecor Gadgets, under the dynamic leadership of Agarwal, has rapidly ascended, becoming a beacon of innovation in the consumer electronics sector. The company is dedicated to procuring, branding, and distributing an extensive range of electronic products, including televisions, mobile phones, smart wearables, mobile accessories, smartwatches, and neckbands, across three distinct business verticals: entertainment and communications, peripherals, and modern accessories.
The IPO will comprise the sale of 55.18 lakh fresh equity shares, each with a face value of Rs 10, totaling Rs 50.77 crore. The lot size for the IPO is set at 1,200 equity shares, with each lot priced at Rs 1,10,400 at the upper end of the price band. Retail investors can participate with a single lot, while non-institutional investors have the opportunity to bid for at least two lots.
Ravi Agarwal, Founder of Cellecor Gadgets, has passionately championed this transformative milestone. He envisions a future where Cellecor Gadgets leads the charge in providing innovative and affordable electronic products to consumers across India. His determination and unwavering commitment to this vision have culminated in this IPO, a pivotal moment that marks the fusion of his dreams with the future of consumer electronics. With this he has reached a new milestone on his journey to establishing his empire.
Agarwal shared his perspective on the IPO, stating, "Cellecor Gadgets has embarked on an incredible journey, and this IPO is the realization of our collective dream. It represents our commitment to shaping the future of electronics in India. The funds raised through this IPO will catapult us into a futuristic realm, allowing us to further expand our presence and introduce cutting-edge products to the market."
Under Agarwal's guidance, Cellecor Gadgets has positioned itself as a trailblazer, poised to revolutionize consumer electronics not only in India but globally. With a keen focus on technological innovation, affordability, and customer-centricity, Agarwal's vision is intrinsically tied to the company's mission to redefine the electronics industry.
Cellecor Gadgets, under Agarwal's visionary leadership, is not merely an electronics company; it's a beacon of a futuristic lifestyle where innovation, affordability, and quality converge. The IPO is not just a financial event; it's a testament to Agarwal's dream, a dream that now stands on the brink of becoming the future of electronics.
Cellecor Gadgets, now rebranded as
, stands as a trailblazer in the audio and wearable technology sector. Founded with a commitment to revolutionize the consumer electronic gadget market, Cellecor has evolved into a powerhouse, serving over 100 million users nationwide through a network of 1,500+ service centers.
With a strong presence in 28 states and a distribution network of over 800 distributors, Cellecor is dedicated to sourcing quality products, maintaining manufacturing excellence, and rigorous testing procedures. The company's focus on affordability, technological advancement, and customer-centricity has fueled remarkable growth.
Cellecor aims to redefine consumer electronic brands and become India's leading electronic lifestyle brand. By prioritizing exceptional customer support and positive experiences, the company aims to build a passionate community of brand advocates.
The company has received numerous accolades, including recognition as the Most Progressive Brand in 2021 by Device Next and the Popular Feature Phone Brand of 2021 by Mobility Magazine.
Looking ahead, Cellecor aims to expand into international markets, making their brand accessible to customers worldwide. Their engineers are dedicated to developing future-ready gadgets packed with innovative features while maintaining affordability.
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