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Rowling accuses Labour of 'abandoning' women over transgender rights

Jun 23, 2024

London [UK], June 23: British writer JK Rowling has criticized the Labour Party, favourites to win the upcoming UK general election, for "abandoning" women concerned about transgender rights.
The "Harry Potter" author said she would struggle to vote for Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, saying she had a "poor opinion" of his character.
Writing in The Times, Rowling said: "As long as Labour remains dismissive and often offensive towards women fighting to retain the rights their foremothers thought were won for all time, I'll struggle to support them. The women who wouldn't wheesht [be quiet] didn't leave Labour.
Labour abandoned them." She continued: "I've been a Labour voter, a member (no longer), donor (not recently) and campaigner (ditto) all my adult life. I want to see an end to this long stretch of chaotic and often calamitous Tory rule. I want to want to vote Labour." The issue of transgender rights has long caused issues within the party.
Source: Qatar Tribune