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Russian Embassy in Canada denounces Ottawa's attempts to question status of Crimea

Feb 27, 2021

Toronto (Canada), February 27: The Russian Embassy in Canada denounced as "clear interference" in Russia's internal affairs the refusal by Ottawa to recognize the country's sovereignty over Crimea.
Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau issued a statement earlier on Friday condemning Russia for what he described was an invasion and annexation of Crimea in 2014.
"Reunification of Crimea with Russia is an obvious fact based on overwhelmingly expressed will by the Crimeans in full compliance with international law. Any attempts to falsify the reality and true history, meaning Crimea as a part of Russia since 1783, are clear interference in Russia's domestic affairs," the Russian Embassy said via Twitter on Friday evening.
Garneau also said that Canada will continue to maintain pressure on Russia until it "respects Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and international law."
In March 2014, Crimea rejoined Russia after 97 percent of residents voted to do so in a referendum. The majority of Western countries and Ukraine refuse to recognize the results of the referendum and have imposed sanctions against Russia.
Moscow has repeatedly said Crimea's residents decided to rejoin Russia through democratic means, adding that the referendum was conducted in compliance with international law and the will - and rights - of Crimea's residents must be respected.
Source: Sputnik