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Syrian president makes 1st visit to Aleppo in 11 years

Jul 09, 2022

Damascus [Syria], July 9: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Friday paid his first visit to the country's economic and industrial hub Aleppo since the outbreak of the country's war 11 years ago, the state news agency SANA reported.
Assad took part in the inauguration of a thermal plant and a water pumping plant in Aleppo, a major city in northern Syria that the government army took back from rebel fighters in late 2016.
During his visit to the rehabilitated thermal plant, Assad blamed "western forces led by the United States" for the devastation and destruction of the plant's facilities.
Syrian experts, technicians, and workers repaired the plant with local expertise and with the help of loyal friends, he added.
Heavy fighting during the civil war in the country severely damaged Aleppo's infrastructure, which is still evident in most areas of the city.
Source: Xinhua