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Testifying before the US Congress, what did Dr. Anthony Fauci say about the origin of Covid-19?

Jun 04, 2024

Beijing [China], June 4: At the hearing on June 3, Dr. Anthony Fauci , former top US infectious disease expert, strongly denied that he was pressured to refute the initial hypothesis that Covid-19 originated from a virus. laboratory leak in China, according to Reuters.
He said that "some issues have been seriously distorted" regarding him, especially about the origin of the virus that causes the Covid-19 pandemic .
He said that in early 2020, he received calls from two scientists saying that they and other colleagues were concerned that the virus that causes Covid-19 may have been tampered with in the laboratory. Later, many international scientists examined and found that those who were initially concerned about laboratory intervention were convinced that the virus was not intentionally tampered with.
According to Mr. Fauci, scientists believe that the origin of the pandemic is most likely transmitted from animals to humans, although they remain open to other possibilities.
The Republican Party investigated suspicions that an American organization was involved in the origin of Covid-19
The Subcommittee on the Corona virus pandemic of the US House Oversight and Accountability Committee was established to investigate the origin of the virus. The subcommittee discovered multiple emails showing that top officials at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the agency for which Mr. Fauci once worked, sought to hide information from the public. Emails show that some officials, including Fauci's adviser David Morens, deleted correspondence and used personal emails to circumvent the law.
Mr. Fauci avoided mentioning that he had ever worked with Mr. Morens and said he was not sure whether the adviser reported directly to him or not. He also denied using private email to handle government business.
Also during the hearing, Mr. Fauci talked about how he and his family were threatened regarding policies during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Dr. Anthony Fauci worked at NIH for 54 years, including 38 years as Director of NIAID. He is the government's leading expert in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic, regularly appearing at press conferences at the White House on the pandemic situation. He retires in December 2022.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper