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Ukraine announced an attack on two Russian patrol ships

Sep 16, 2023

Kyiv [Ukraine], September 16: Reuters yesterday reported that the Ukrainian military announced that it had attacked two Russian patrol boats and destroyed a sophisticated air defense system in the western part of the Crimean peninsula on the morning of September 14.
Among them was the patrol ship Sergei Kotov, which was "hit", according to Ukrainian military intelligence officer AndriyYusov. This statement was issued after the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed an attack on the Sergei Kotov ship, but said that the attack involving five unmanned boats was repelled, and did not mention damage.
In addition, the Ukrainian army yesterday announced that its forces had recaptured a village near Bakhmut City, according to Reuters. Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on September 14 that its forces had repelled eight Ukrainian attacks south of Bakhmut. Russia took control of Bakhmut in May after months of fierce fighting.
Meanwhile, spokesman Sergey Zybinsky of Russia's Western Operational Group said yesterday that Russian attack helicopters and fighter jets carried out 14 airstrikes targeting personnel and equipment of Ukrainian forces. in the Kupyansk region of Kharkiv province in northeastern Ukraine, according to TASS News Agency.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper