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US military adviser warns bad weather to hamper Ukraine offensive

Sep 11, 2023

Washington [US], September 11: Ukrainian troops probably have 30 to 45 days left before the weather could complicate combat operations for their counteroffensive, US Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said.
This is "still a reasonable amount of time," Milley, a senior military adviser to US President Joe Biden, told British broadcaster BBC in an interview published on Sunday.
The Ukrainian military had made steady progress and maintained a considerable fighting force, he said. But the battle is not over yet, Milley added.
Milley went on to say that in about a month, cold weather would set in. "The rains will come in, it'll become very muddy. It'd be very difficult to manoeuvre at that point and then you'll get the deep cee
At the moment it was too early to say whether Ukraine's counteroffensive had failed or not, he said.
Ukraine has been fending off a full-scale Russian invasion since February 2022.
Source: Qatar Tribune