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Why shouldn't you drink alcohol on the flight?

Jun 04, 2024

Geneva [Switzerland], June 4: A series of experiments found that when people drink alcohol and fall asleep in low-pressure conditions (as often happens on flights ) , the amount of oxygen in the blood drops to worrying levels, while the heart rate decreases. heart rate accelerated, even in young and healthy passengers, according to a report published in the journal Thorax .
Report co-author, Dr. Eva-Maria Elmenhors of the German Aerospace Center recommends that passengers who like to drink alcohol on flights should reconsider this habit.
Even for passengers who do not drink alcohol, the human body is not too easy on commercial flights. Dry cabin air can cause dehydration, and sitting still in narrow seats for hours can sometimes cause blood clots in the legs.
At commercial flight altitudes, cabin pressure ranges from over 1,800 m to over 2,400 m, a condition that can contribute to reduced oxygen levels in the blood.
The US National Institutes of Health warns that when air pressure decreases, the amount of oxygen each person inhales with each breath also decreases.
German scientists also predicted that drinking alcohol in low pressure conditions will cause effects on the human body. However, they were surprised because the level of influence was so strong.
"Please don't drink alcohol on flights," Dr. Elmenhorst advised.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper