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Women in Israeli ministries earn 17 pct less than men in 2021: report

Apr 27, 2022

Jerusalem [Israel], April 27: The average wage of women employed in Israel's government ministries was 17 percent less than that of their male counterparts in 2021, said a report issued by the country's Ministry of Finance on Tuesday.
The average monthly salary of women working for the ministries was 15,943 new shekels (4,840 U.S. dollars) last year, while the figure was 19,215 shekels for men. There are a total of 35,918 employees in all Israeli ministries, according to the report.
In 2012, the average salary of women in Israeli government ministries was 77 percent of men's, and the figure gradually rose to 83 percent in 2020, the report said.
However, the gap-narrowing trend has since come to a halt because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it explained.
The report added that in most ministries, the percentage of women in senior positions is lower than proportion of the women population. Currently, nine women serve as heads in Israeli ministries.
Source: Xinhua