“He can’t be intimidated or forced…” Russian President Vladimir Putin heaps praise on PM Modi

Dec 08, 2023

New Delhi, December 08 (ANI): Russian President Vladimir Putin on December 07 once again heaped praise on Prime Minister Modi. He stated that PM Modi cannot be intimidated or forced to make decisions that are contrary to Indian interests. President Putin also lauded PM Modi’s tough posturing and stance for defending the country’s national interest. He sings praises for PM Modi while addressing the 14th VTB Investment Forum ‘Russia Calling’. “India-Russia relations have been developing progressively in all directions” Putin highlighted both countries' strong bond. Earlier in the month, EAM Jaishanakar hailed India-Russia ties and said, Russia has saved India many times. Earlier in November, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov cited the statement of EAM S Jaishanakar. He quoted Jaishankar’s remarks that the “world is much more than Europe” and the “world is much more than the West”.