“India’s G20 presidency delivered impressive results…”: OECD Sherpa to G20 Andreas Schaal

Nov 26, 2023

Cape Town (South Africa), Nov 26 (ANI): OECD Sherpa to the G20 Andreas Schaal on November 26 praised India’s G20 presidency and said it delivered impressive results. Talking to ANI, Andreas Schaal said, “I think India’s presidency delivered impressive results. We are living in complex geopolitical challenges, and at this moment, it’s crucial to keep formats like the G20 together and actionable and India’s presidency was really very impressive...” “We always supported the African Union being the 21st member of the G20... So I think it’s important to increase African voices. We also at the OCD have just signed an MoU with the African Union to deepen our exchanges. We have signed an MoU, a joint work program with South Africa. So we are also expanding our reach and cooperation. And that’s why we are very de lighted to see the African Union around the table,” he added.