‘People showing great resilience…’ Israelis recall horrors of Oct 7 attack, lauds India’s support

Apr 09, 2024

Re’im, Sderot (Israel), April 09 (ANI): Seven months after Hamas launched one of the deadliest attacks on Israel, resulting in widespread loss of lives. Israelis are showing “resilience” & “strength” as they are moving back to sites that were attacked by Hamas. Out of the sites attacked by Hamas in Southern Israel, Sderot and Re'im were stormed by Hamas gunmen. A police station in Sderot was destroyed in the battle against Hamas terrorists who took it over on the first day of the war in Gaza. Israel Defense Forces (IDF) later decided to blow up the building, now the site has been leveled and is now home to flags and a memorial. Meanwhile, in Re’im one of the killing fields in Southern Israel, Hamas attacked Nova Music Festival where young people were partying. The community grappled with the loss of life of their loved ones who lost lives in the terror attack, recounted the event. One of the local Israeli praised India’s support to the Israel and said “India is a true friend of Israel”. The bloodiest attack on Israel by Hamas, triggered a devastating Israeli counter-offensive in Gaza.